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Executive Board Members

Xanberlyn Spencer McNutt - President
Ashley Fivecoat
Charis Bailey
Elaine Coleman - Treasurer
Emily Grisier
Krystle Haynes
Pat Walker - Spiritual Leader
Shunta Spencer - Secretary

The Corporation is formed exclusively for charitable, religious, educational or scientific purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Organization for Young Scholars (OYS) exists to provide safe, positive, educationally enriching, and fun recreational activities for school age youth in the City of Terrell while being taught the Word of God.

Our Purpose

A. Public Relations / Marketing  –  
            Emily Grisier, Chairperson
            Krystle Haynes, Asst. Chairperson
            Shunta Spencer
            Ashley Fivecoat

B. Staffing –        
            Xanberln McNutt, Chairperson
            Elaine Coleman, Asst. Chairperson

    Budget and Fundraising –        
            Elaine Coleman, Chairperson
            Shunta Spencer
            Charis Bailey

            Ashley Fivecoat

A. Educational –    
            Ashley Fivecoat, Chairperson
            Charis Bailey, Asst. Chairperson
            Shunta Spencer  

B. Activities –        
            Patricia Walker, Chairperson
            Charis Bailey
C. Spiritual –        
            Patricia Walker, Chairperson
            Krystle Haynes

D. Community Service –

            Xanberlyn McNutt, Chairperson
E. Field Trips –        
            Krystle Haynes, Chairperson

Organization for Young Scholars Committees

Our Vision


Five years from now, OYS will be transforming the lives of all youth in Terrell by offering year-round programming to:

  • Build self esteem, character, confidence, and integrity in a safe, positive environment;
  • Provide nutrition and physical activity that promotes healthy growth and development; 
  • Provide exposure to new, mentally stimulation adventures that expand thinking to enhance success in reaching dreams and goals;
  • Provide academic excellence by providing curriculum specifically designed to address the current Texas testing standards through mentoring;
  • Provide a vision of Godly character while offering exposure to the truths of the Word of God